Healthski and Gourmet Week


How about devoting your holiday to some me-time?
From the3rd to the 7th of February, Brides-les-Bains invites you to discover "the art of well-being": how to take care of your health, your body and simply have more fun.

In a world that’s continually moving faster, our bodies and minds are put under real strain. Stress is part of everyday life. To find the right balance, this Festival offers you an opportunity to try out a number of different practices that you can keep up and develop after going back home. Balance is also a matter of food, so you’ll be able to enjoy tasting great gourmet dishes without piling on the pounds!

Opening Times :

From Monday 3 to Friday 7 February 2020.

Languages spoken :

  • French
Sauf :
Yoga brunch : 5€
Sortie raquettes - Qi Gong : 31€