Animals tracks


Follow the slope through the forest; learn about the animal tracks and have fun learning to recognise their calls... This year the animal track gets a makeover with new games and more beautiful and realistic animals than ever.

Children are naturally curious, as we all know. But it’s not always easy to find ways to entertain them during the holidays! Parents, worry not! We have everything you need here at Méribel! The Animal Piste will fill your children with joy!

There are so many activities to share as a family on this fun trail: follow a path through the forest; learn about the animal tracks you may see on your descent; have fun spotting the forest animals and learn to recognise their calls….

Access (Family Cool area) : Altiport chairlift or Saulire Epxress 1 gondola

Languages spoken :

  • French
Free access.

04 79 08 65 32