The ski resort of Brides-les-Bains is a lively place during the winter!

Make the most of the ski runs during the day but don't forget the evening activities with the magic of Christmas in this snow-covered village at the heart of the mountains: Christmas market, Russian Christmas, New Year's Eve, Chapka Party...

Renew your energy levels during the Eskilibre et Gourmandise week organised by the Tourist Office from the 3rd to the 7th of February. Specialists in healthy eating, our professional chefs will ensure your ski holiday becomes a healthy holiday !

Too late for this year...See you next year

Festival Brides fait sa Comédie 2021

du 21-10-2021 au 23-10-2021


Festival du Film d'Angoulême via Brides 2021

du 30-09-2021 au 03-10-2021

Cultural - Entertainment/recreation

Bridiévale 2021

le 22-08-2021

Traditions and folklore

Festival "Ca Jazz à Brides" 2021

du 13-08-2021 au 15-08-2021

Cultural - Entertainment/recreation

Bougez avec nous - Thématique Cirque

du 26-07-2021 au 31-07-2021

Nature and relaxation - Entertainment/recreation

Col de La Loze by Brides-les-Bains

le 18-07-2021

Sports and leisure - Entertainment/recreation

ANNULE- Festival Equilibre et Gourmandise 2021

du 10-06-2021 au 12-06-2021

Cultural - Entertainment/recreation

Festival Brides fait sa Comédie 2021 - Reporté au mois d'OCTOBRE

du 13-05-2021 au 15-05-2021


Festival du Film Francophone d'Angoulême via Brides 2020

du 01-10-2020 au 04-10-2020

Cultural - Entertainment/recreation

Bridiévale 2020

le 16-08-2020

Traditions and folklore

ANNULE - Festival Equilibre et Gourmandise 2020

du 18-06-2020 au 20-06-2020

Cultural - Entertainment/recreation

ANNULE - Festival Brides fait sa Comédie 2020

du 14-05-2020 au 16-05-2020


Fond(ue) of Savoie

du 11-02-2020 au 03-03-2020

Traditions and folklore - Entertainment/recreation