Healthy and Gourmet Food!

A balanced menu!
Off the slopes

A balanced menu!

Devouring a raclette or a fondue after a day on the slopes no longer has to be your daily routine on your snowsports holiday.
Aioli, Potatoes in Tartiflette Style, Tiramisu Revisited….taste the local dishes in a new way!
In Brides-les-Bains, healthy food specialist chefs are lightening up their dishes, so guests will feel the benefits of all the calories they burn on the snow.
Recipe suggestion

The delicious CamCake cereal bar

Easy to make, this tasty snack is great to take on the slopes with you!


254 g porridge oats
169 g mixed seeds
169 g butter
84.5 g brown sugar
84.5 g honey

Combine the porridge oats and seeds and mix well
Melt the butter
Warm the honey and brown sugar
Mix all the ingredients
Pour into a 1.5 cm deep oven tray

Cook for 15 mins at 170•C

Taste and enjoy!!

The delicious CamCake cereal bar