Reimbursement for a course of spa treatments

The leading French thermal resort for weight management and rheumatism, Brides-les-Bains welcomes almost 12,000 guests a year to its courses of spa treatments.

This recently refurbished thermal establishment offers 18-day GP-prescribed courses of spa treatments: Weight management/obesity (DT - digestive tract and metabolic illnesses), Rheumatology and arthritis (RH), as well as the Dual Approach course (DT+RH) which treats both conditions at the same time.
These courses of treatment are covered by your Health Insurance Provider when prescribed by a GP or specialist.

Medical costs and, subject to means testing, transport and accommodation costs, may be reimbursed.

Which courses of spa treatments are covered by Health Insurance?

Courses of thermal spa treatments prescribed by a GP or specialist are reimbursed by Health Insurance Providers. They take place over 18 days. The thermal treatments are dispensed over 3 weeks, 6 days out of 7 (Monday to Saturday)

Remboursement cure thermale

Health Insurers define the following twelve therapeutic areas as eligible for reimbursement for a course of thermal spa treatments: digestive and metabolic conditions, rheumatology, phlebology, urinary and metabolic illness, cardio-arterial illness, respiratory tract disorders, dermatology, gynaecology, neurology, oral-lingual mucosal disorders, psychosomatic disorders and childhood developmental disorders.

Benefitting from the renowned properties of thermal spring water and bolstered by proven expertise in the area, Brides-les-Bains thermal springs play a part in the holistic treatment of digestive disorders and rheumatology.

The benefits of water have proven valuable in the field of slimming spa treatments dealing with weight management, obesity, diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome.
Poultices, massages, baths, nutritional education, physical activity etc… offered in combination with other treatments, form a holistic approach to treating the conditions suffered by those following a course of spa treatments.

Also drawing on the wide variety of treatments using thermal spring water, the course of rheumatology spa treatments is aimed at people suffering from arthritis, rheumatic fever and inflammatory rheumatism, joint-related ailments and back pain, and the after-effects of injury or surgery.

When prescribed by a GP, courses of spa treatments at the Brides-les-Bains thermal centre may be reimbursed by your Health Insurance Provider.

The A to Z of getting reimbursed for a course of spa treatments


The course must be prescribed by a GP or specialist

A subsidised course of thermal treatments must have been prescribed by a GP or specialist.
The doctor must specify the choice of Brides-les-Bains centre and identify the therapeutic goal: slimming (DT) and/or rheumatology (RH) on the coverage claim application paperwork.
The coverage claim application should then be sent to the Health Insurance Provider.


Apply to have the costs of a medically prescribed course of treatment reimbursed

To have the cost of your course of treatments reimbursed, you need to make a prior application to your Health Insurance Provider.
You will need to send them a range of documentation including:

  • A “Course of thermal spa treatments form – coverage claim questionnaire” filled in by the doctor who prescribed the course of treatments. This must state the condition from which you suffer and the chosen thermal resort.
  • A financial declaration completed by you. You must also attach all required supporting documentation in order to be reimbursed for accommodation and transport costs, as well as a daily allowance.

In response to your application, the Health Insurance Provider will send you a form entitled “Course of thermal spa treatment administrative coverage and billing”.

It is made up of 3 sections:

  •  Section 1 “Medical fees” should be given to the spa doctor providing medical supervision during the course of treatments.
  •  Section 2 “Thermal spa package” should be given to the thermal establishment dispensing the course of treatments.
  •  Section 3 “Transport and accommodation costs” should be sent to your Health Insurance Provider when you return from your course of treatments, if you meet the financial requirement

    The coverage agreement is valid for the current calendar year. You may only be reimbursed for a single course of treatments per year for the same medical condition.


Contact the thermal establishment to find out availability and book a date for your course of treatment

There are several ways to book your course of thermal spa treatments in Brides-les-Bains:

You just need to fill in the booking form and make an online deposit payment of 50€. BOOK

The completed booking form, either accompanied by a 50€ deposit cheque made out to SET BRIDES, or by your bank card number, should be posted to:

Service Réservation
BP 14



+33 (0)4 79 55 23 44
The receptionist will help you to place your booking.
You will be sent a booking confirmation by post, stating the date and time of your welcome session at the thermal spa establishment.


Make an appointment with a spa doctor in Brides, before embarking on your course of treatments

Before you start a course of treatments, you need to have an appointment with a spa doctor. You’re advised to make an appointment with the doctor of your choice once you’ve received written confirmation of your booked course of treatments.

The spa doctor prescribes the thermal treatments you’ll follow for the duration of your course and will provide medical supervision. You should bring your prescription to your welcome session at the thermal centre so that your course of treatments can be scheduled.

Five Spa doctors practice at Brides-les-Bains

How are courses of spa treatments reimbursed?

As a general rule

The medical cost of a course of spa treatments includes “medical supervision” and “thermal” fees:

*The medical supervision charge relates to supervision carried out by the spa doctor during the course of treatments. Up to 70% of it is reimbursed based on a fixed rate fee of:

  • 80 € for a social security approved doctor.
  • 6,86 € for a private doctor.

Certain pre-defined medical and complementary treatments may also be included. Up to 70% of these costs may be reimbursed, based on standard rates.
To be reimbursed, you need to send section 1 of the coverage claim form completed by the spa doctor to your Health Insurance Provider.

*The Thermal fee relates to treatments carried out during the course. Up to 65% of that cost is reimbursed based on standard rates, depending on the course of treatments’ therapeutic goal and the type of package. You may benefit from waiving the advance fee by sending section 2 of the coverage agreement to your thermal spa centre right at the beginning of the course of treatment. The prescription charge will then be due by the end of the course (the portion of the cost not reimbursed by your Health Insurance Provider.)

Some thermal spa establishments may charge a variable charge in addition to the thermal package. This amount may not exceed a regulated limit.
Useful info: some insurance companies may cover the prescription charge as well as the additional fee.


If you suffer from a Long-Term Illness

Courses of treatment are fully reimbursed when used to treat a Long-Term Illness that confers exemption from patient contribution. Some complementary medical practices may also be covered (excluding comfort care).
Transportation costs may be completely covered, subject to means-testing, with the prior agreement of your Health Insurance Provider.
The total cost for accommodation is fixed at 150.01€. That sum is 100% reimbursed, subject to means testing, with the prior agreement of your Health Insurance Provider.


As part of CMU-C and/or A.C.S. health coverage

The Spa Treatment Package is reimbursed at 100% of the reference price with no additional fees charged.
The Medical Supervision Package is reimbursed at 100% of the reference price. Medical and complementary treatments are also 100% covered.

Can I benefit from the third-party payment system?

Brides-les-Bains Thermal Spa Centre uses the third-party payment system for those insured under the majority of compulsory Social Security schemes.
To benefit, you are required to show your course of spa treatments coverage agreement at your very first visit to the thermal establishment.


Are accommodation and transport costs covered?

In theory, transport and accommodation costs relating to a series of spa treatments are not reimbursed.
However, they may be covered depending on your level of household income. For this to happen, you must receive prior agreement from your Health Insurance Provider.
Whatever mode of transport used, the upper limit for reimbursement is 65% of the basic rate of a 2nd class return SNCF ticket, up to the amount of the actual expenses incurred.

Please note : to receive payment (after following a course of spa treatments), you need to send Section 3 of your coverage agreement accompanied by the relevant receipts for transportation costs to your Health Insurance Provider.
65% of accommodation costs are refunded, based on a fixed fee of 150,01€. The amount covered therefore comes to 97.50€.
Please note: terms and conditions for courses of spa treatments may vary according to which Health Insurance Regime applies: general or individual (agricultural, commercial, independent employee…).