There's plenty of fun to be had in Brides-les-Bains!
The resort's events team lays on a huge variety of events in the village throughout the season.
4 Major Festivals a year and 6 local festivals in the village with a range of themes:
Theatre, Cookery, Jazz, Culture, Local Traditions and Film!
Just follow the fun!

Too late for this year...See you next year


le 18-08-2019

Traditions and folklore

Festival Baroque de Tarentaise

le 03-08-2019

Cultural - Entertainment/recreation

Festival "Ca Jazz à Brides" 2019

du 04-07-2019 au 07-07-2019

Cultural - Entertainment/recreation

Healthy and Gourmet Festival 2019

du 13-06-2019 au 15-06-2019

Cultural - Entertainment/recreation

Festival Brides fait sa Comédie 2019

du 16-05-2019 au 18-05-2019


The taste of Savoie!

du 12-02-2019 au 05-03-2019

Traditions and folklore - Entertainment/recreation

2019 Healthski and Gourmet Week

du 14-01-2019 au 18-01-2019