Healthy Eating Label

Healthy Eating Label
Well being

Healthy Eating Label

A well-being break also means eating a healthy, balanced diet

The Healthy Eating Label isn’t compulsory, it’s an ethos created by the resort’s professionals to guarantee innovative, healthy, good cuisine!

You can easily recognise the establishments signed up to the label thanks to the logo displayed in their windows and on all of their advertising.

Here are the establishments certified :

11 Hotels : Le Verseau, Le Savoy, Le Golf, L’Athéna, Les Chalets, L’Amélie, La Vanoise, L’Altis Val Vert, Mercure - Grand Hôtel des Thermes, Le Centre, L’Hermitage
1 Restaurant : L’Héliantis
1 Caterer : La Maison de Marielle

The healthy eating you'll find in Brides is certainly aimed to encourage weight loss, but it is well balanced, to provide all the goodness your body needs.

Nathalie Négro
Manager of the Nutritional Centre at Brides les Bains' Thermal Spa

Our rheumatology cures reduce the intake of analgesics and anti-inflammatory while slowing the progression of osteoarthritis.

Valéry Michel

Enjoy the healthy and gourmet meals during your treatments, without worrying about calories for weight loss!

Géraldine Genet
Nutri'Conseils, Nutrition specialist